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 Best Kingdom hearts forms

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PostSubject: Best Kingdom hearts forms   Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:11 pm

i personally like them all each has there own strenths and weaknesses which i will put but im curious to know what other people think

Strengths:Good powerfull combos
easy to lvl up
ability (high jump) very usefull

no magic

my opinion: good balamnced form lack of magic is annoying but when it gets to high levels you hardly need it

Strengths:very fast form
powerfull magic combos
running is fun

weaknesses:only 1 keyblade
hard to level in the beginning

my opinion:i ike this form dispite its disadvantages its speed is usefull but its hard to level in the beginniung because its hard to find heartless weak enough for you to kill and you cant waste time trying to kill strong heartless with a small drive gauge

Strengths:great combos
powerfull magic
great abilities
magic combos are extrmely great

weaknesses: as far as i know none but having to only get exp from grabbing drive orbs can get annoying

my opinion:this form is just great final form defeats it by a margin

final form:
Strengths: wickly powerfull combos and finishers
magic is unsurpassed
speed is good
gliding is very usefull and fun

weaknesses:hard to level in the beginning unless you know where to go

my opinion:this form is hands down the best from in the game everything about it is basically perfect

Strengths: very fast is hands down the fasteset form in the game
combos are super long and finishers look awesome

weaknesses:all drive forms are consumed no matter what
cant grab heath orbs
cant open chests
takes 1.5 more dmage
combos have to be ridiculsly long because its so weak each hit does very little damage
cant use magic

my opinion:this form is just plain bad the spped is ok but not when you dont have the power to make up for it and you cant heal yourself or open chests plus your weaker
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Best Kingdom hearts forms
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