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 Character profile's

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PostSubject: Character profile's   Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:05 am

(character profiles for the Kanji Village Nin only)

ok new format for the bio's:

This is where you will put your Ninja info

4 Jutsu's you use:

NOTE: You only put your first 100 points here. Only the Kage can edit it! You can try but you will be kicked out of the village. you all start out as Academy Students and work your way up. there are not level academy students, only rank. Lower Middle and Upper academy, genin, chuunin, jounin, special jounin. lower, middle and upper are in each one

This is where it gets a little picky... you start my village with 100 points total. 50 for the offensive and 50 def. You pick how you want them distributed. Each time you post you will be allowed 5 more points. SPAM POSTS DON'T COUNT

Taijutsu: ATT/ DEF/
Ninjutsu: ATT/ DEF/
Genjutsu: ATT/ DEF/
Weapons: ATT/ DEF/

You will be given a set amount of life. Your character will start out with 100 health. Every 10 posts you will receive 25 HP SPAM POSTS DON'T COUNT
If you can get ten people to join and give the kage a list off the names, your will be rewarded 50 HP points. If you make an alt and use that name as a reference, you will be banned from the site. We CAN and WILL check the IP addresses of all of the referrals. Pm the ten names to the Kage. FAKE NAMES ARE AN INSTANT BANN!


Name: Nero Kangetsu
Age: 32
Rank: KiriKage
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 200
History: Born and raised in the Village of Kanji, Nero fought in the defense of the village against the bandit clans as well as the other Ninja Villages when he was younger. A child prodigy he swiftly raised in ranks hitting chuunin at 14, jounin at 16, and kirikage at 25.
Description: Standing tall and wearing his 200 pounds of muscle and bone well. He wears the Kirikages hat with pride and his black uniform with the 3 silver stripes on the right arm proclaim his identity for all to see.

4 Jutsu's you use:

Frost Reaver of the Abyss: A small orb of ice forms in his palm, growing on the ambient energy of the surrounding environment it grows to the size of a boulder with tendrils of frozen energy stretching out to catch and contain its victims as it moves. Once the victim is contained the intense cold freezes the body it stops breathing and heart beat slowly killing the victim. This reaver also has the ability to form itself into a shield of solid Ice which freezes all weapons which reach a certain range in front of it.

Immortal Flame Reaver: A small orb of flame forms in his palm, growing into a small sun like blazing orb as it speeds towards its victim.upon contact with the victim it absorbs into them and uses their flash and substance as fuel. This reaver also has the ability to form itself into a orbiting field of flame capable of melting or destroying almost any thrown or fired object.

Feral Storm Reaver: A small orb of electrical energy forms in his palm, growing into a crackling lightning wrapped orb of energy, streaking at its victim with the speed of lightning itself it enshrouds its victim in electricity shutting down and boiling their organs with pure energy. this reaver also has the ability to create a blinding cascade of lightning energy to blind his opponents and electrocute any caught in the field of energy.

TanaKiri Assault Form: Calling forth ice and stone to form around the blade itself as well as his own form as armor, he changes this simple Katana into a deadly zanbatou capable of slicing legions of warriors in twain with its massive blade and ice sharpened stone blade edges. This also takes the most chackra of all his techniques at a one time cost until it is dissolved via his will or loss of consciousness.

Weapons: TanaKiri, 13 kunai, 4 explosive notes, 4 gen notes.
The TanaKir: the sword of the kiriKage's, this blade molds earth and Ice together using the bearers own chakra.

Taijutsu: 500/ 500
Ninjutsu: 1000/ 500
Genjutsu: 300/ 200
Weapons: 550/ 550

Ryo: 1,000,000

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The 6th hokage

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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:18 am

Name:Kaya Katani
Rank: Genin
Age: 10
Height: 3.50
Weight: 39.99
History: someone who sometimes gets no respect, used to live in an unknown hidden mountain village she was raised with extremly hard conditions and in the village her mum and dad have died so she is heiress to the mountain village one day she was murdered and came back to life somehow
Description: i might be better than u think and she usually wears a family priest kimono with her symbol the 2 swords crossing on the back and now she is a careless, stubborn girl who has no heart as her priest demon inside her keeps her alive, she is a hardy person so she might seem like a brat at times
Equipment: any type of weapon
Weapons: swords and scrolls

speed: as past as light
Taijutsu: 90% roughly
Ninjutsu: 45% about
Genjutsu: i think about 55% maximam
Weapons: 100% i guess

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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:44 am

name: vanish
lv 19 chunin
loodline: cursed blue blade eyes
hp: 2700/2700
cp: o/2200
stamina: o/2000
history: an outcast came to the vialge to jion practicly wanted in evry vialge kicked out of his old vilage for existing this ninja is not very freindly like to fight and has trouble control what deep dark power he has .

discription: excelent med has abnrmal chakra and is practicly invisable in a fight but quickly runs out of stamina

blodline ability: ability copy aponents moves

mastered jutsu's: mind trick and chidori

inteligence: great
speed: great
tai attack: kinda good
nin attac k: pitiful
gen attack:so poor
wepon attack : abnormal excelent
tai defense, nin defense ,gen defense and wepon defense: excelent[i]

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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:46 pm

Name: Soriel Kaishi
Rank: Genin
Age: 13
Height: 5'3
Weight: 104
History: Soriel was just a normal kid with a normal life in a village, far from Kanji.
There was a raiding party and everyone was scattered.
Scared and alone, Soriel traveled through forests, lakes, and other terrain that came in his path.
Untill.. he reached the Kanji Village.
Description: Soriel wears a black long pants and shirt where it looks like its covering his body.
The clothing has a mystical fabric inside which protects the body by a few impact. The clothing absorbs chakra everytime to remove fatal blows.
Soriel wears a red beanie over his head and wears his headband on his neck.
Equipment: Emergency supply scroll x 2, Soldier pills x 15, Custom made pitch black smoke bomb
Weapons: Shuriken

Taijutsu: Best
Ninjutsu: Good
Genjutsu: Beyond horrible
Weapons: Excellent
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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   Tue May 01, 2007 8:28 pm

Name: Keya Doragon
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
History: I come form a village that had no ninja and was raised as such. When most of my clan was destroyed by a ....monster I ran away and trained to become stronger. For now I'm a rookie but I'll give it my all...
4 Jutsus I use: faia dageki no jutsu, mizu goei no jutsu, tei atemi no jutsu, koudo hara no jutsu (its in Japanese, find a translator and look it up)
Weapons: A dagger that was my moms. Bow and arrows. Kuani and shuriken.
Taijutsu: 60/40
Ninjutsu: 50/ 50
Genjutsu: 70/39
Weapons: 90/ 10

Outfit: light blue top and dark blue nin pants and nin sandals. A small white cape with a hood that ties around my neck.
Just a bit about me: I'm a peace maker and I don't like if you won't back off when someone tells you too. I'm ambidextrous (meaning I can use both my hands equlally). I'm a loyal friend and I LOVE sushi. And I won't give up.
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uchiha sauske

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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   Sat May 05, 2007 4:01 pm


rank:academy student

hair color:white

eye color: bright yellow


History:i am denki born in this village kanjii i am currently learning in the kanjii dojo my goal is to be a master of electricty i will try to protect the village with my bare hands .
wepons:lighting sword that was my dads
bloodline:golden eye this kekegen kai alows people to see there greatest weak point beyond the eyesight that the human eye AND the byakugan cant detect hitting the strongets weakpoint may kill ur oponent

ninjutsu 70/20
4 jutsus:lighting strike jutsu,lighting blast,lighting shelid,lightning box
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PostSubject: Re: Character profile's   

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Character profile's
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