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 Rules and other Info

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PostSubject: Rules and other Info   Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:37 pm

# No Flaming
# No GodModing
# No Random Clones(they have to be prior announced)
# One Clone per fight
# No Spamming
# Don't Threaten people you cant kill
# Don't Pm me unless needed
# No begging for ryo(one ask only if they say no then too bad)
# Dont be annoying, or you will be banned

How To:
Get ryo- Do jobs for people with the amount of ryo. Everyone starts off with 1000 and in your profile, you post updates of how much you still have. Please be honest.

Train- Talk to your sensei and he will help you train. Ask me to know who your sensei is. Also posts help you train.

Get Ranked higher- Pass a test that the senseis and myself put together, and beat someone from the rank above you.

Find out stuff- Pm me, another member, or your sensei. Either that or check the manual.

Thanks for your time and support.

-Iruka(kage of kyoshi)
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Rules and other Info
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