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 Village Manual

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PostSubject: Village Manual   Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:17 pm

To join most villages, you click on the name of the kage, and PM then with a request to join their village. Zaraki will just let you join with no request, but most of the other kages will have you do one or two things, or in Iruka's instance, you have to be a certain strength.

To begin to train your character, you need to first post a character profile in the Village that you wanted to join. Then you look at the example profile, which should be the first character profile post you see. Copy and paste that in a reply, and fill in the blanks. Then you send the reply. Keep in mind that low level shinobi get low level jutsu.

Speaking of jutsus, you learn jutsus from jounin rank shinobi. They analyze if you are strong enough to use the jutsu that you ask them to teach you, and if you aren't, you need to don't bother posting a jounin level jutsu at genin, because we will change it. Every rank change that is (as to genin, or genin to chuunin), you choose three new jutsu from the rank you are going to. You always have one special jutsu that you never change. Jutsu of different levels use a certain amount of chakra and such.

Fighting is to be done either in the arena, or the training ground and no where else, unless it says that you can fight there. Fighting or RPing is based on honor and skill judgement. If you are hit, be honorable and be hit instead of clone poofing. You can use one clone at genin, 2 at chuunin, and 3 at jounin, and a kage can use as many as he pleases. Please ask a chuunin or above to judge your fight also. Try the kage, because they need to make it known that they are fair and just. You can only use the weapons that you have bought at the weapons shop, and you will know what you have because you post a request for a weapon in the shop, and the kage takes your money, and puts the weapon on your profile. To buy weapons, you obviously need money.

For money matters, you start off with 1000 ryo, and you can spend it on what ever you want. if you really want, you can buy alcohol, drugs, or exp. To gain ryo, you can take jobs, win matches that you bet on, take out loans, or just beg. To get loans and store your money, post in the bank your amount and tell your kage what you bought when you bought buy it, or how much you made, and they will update it for you.

To join a clan, you just click on the clan you want to join, click join, and wait for the leader to accept you. When you join a clan, their clan color is your name color, and their members are your family.

If you get kicked out, you become a villager of the wastelands and your kage is the kage of the evil. You are a missing nin if you are kicked out and it will say so on your account. You take your character profile from the village you were in, and put it in the wastelands. Life there is like the village only not good people. You can also leave your village for the wastelands.
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Village Manual
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