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 Two things that are happening in my life

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PostSubject: Two things that are happening in my life   Wed May 02, 2007 11:21 pm

Well im not a very religious person usually, bbut a sudden revealation, and a stronked descision has convinced me that i will study buddhism. I know that too alot of you, that is nothing special, but to me it is so dont cut my pride.

Also Im moving tomorrow, so If im not on for a day or two, that is why. I hope to have internet the day we move in, but Im not sure if we will so just know that i warned you fairly. If you need anything, you can PM me,, or you can email me at iruka174807@yahoo.com . Thank you all for your patience and support and i will have updates in the updates section by next week. Expect great things from me and my crew.

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PostSubject: Re: Two things that are happening in my life   Wed May 16, 2007 2:13 pm

Yea, i have a major deal. The first thing i'm moving right now im currently linving in swizterland, so now i'm moving to tanzania. Its might not sound like alot but if you have lived for places for four years then move to a new place and do the same thing. Its pretty hard, i have to start all again, new friends all that. It might seem fun to some people, but to me i'm losing everything i have here in swizterland. So to be honest i just don't feel like leaving. I'm sharing this with you guys because i know you won't really care and won't give me any lecture (would be nice though ^_^) i'm just doing this because i don't want to show my emotions to the people here. They will just be sad and upset. I know that i'm just nut making any sense at the moment but i'm trying to. I hope you guys understand what i'm trying to say. Moving isn't always easy.

Oh and for those who don't know where Tanzania is its in Africa and Swizterland in Europe..
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Two things that are happening in my life
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