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 the bay

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PostSubject: the bay   Sat May 05, 2007 1:06 pm

So many paths to choose from
So many wrong paths to choose...


From the days of the ancient Shinobi, the first and second hokages, and the beginning of social order in villages, battle your way to the top. Start off in the academy and work your way to the head of your class, then get into the shinobi ranks and do dangerous missions, steal, work, or fight. This is the action packed journey of the shinobi, and their way of life.


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<p>-- Event Administrator
<p>"Welcome to Legendary Ninja RPG. I am the founder and main administrator of this site. If you need somthing from me, PM me and i will make things happen. Take care and enjoy the site.


some of the other admins will be introduced to you all at a later time, untill then, just play around and have fun.
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the bay
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